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Plann Ads is a data-based digital marketing agency headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine. We specialize in helping companies increase sales, generate qualified leads, and expand market share by taking full advantage of the internet.

Our Vision

We are creators and innovators. Our team is made up of driven experts, from marketing whiz kids to veterans, all working side by side. We believe diversity in thinking makes us better partners for our clients and encourage members of our team to come to work with new perspectives, opinions, and questions every day. This means we’re always full of fresh (and sometimes crazy) ideas and have plenty of fun bringing them to life for the brands we work with.
Imagination, data, and technology are the pillars of everything we do here at Plann Ads. Inspired by innovation and driven to make our clients better, we turn digital ideas into success stories. With our razor-sharp strategy and cutting-edge designs, we deliver customized and measurable solutions that perform. Remaining true to this approach makes us a valuable ally for all our clients.


PPC specialist у Plann Ads (Львів)

Ми Plann Ads – діджитал маркетинг агенція шукаємо у команду PPC-спеціаліста, який(яка) вже...

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